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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Story of Malin Kundang

In ancient times there lived a widow named Mande Rubayah. Mande Rubayah had a son named Malin Kundang. They lived in villages Sweet Water Beach, Padang - West Sumatra. Their economic condition has deteriorated after her husband went sailing and never return again. Mande Rubayah Malin Kundang had to raise his own sweat. Malin Kundang very loved by his mother, he is a smart kid but a little naughty. One day, when Malin was chasing chickens, she tripped over a rock and injured his right arm exposed stone. The wound became dilengannya trace and can not be lost.

After Malin grew up, he decided to earn a living outside the island because not bear to see his mother drudge for families turn. Originally mother disagreed considering her husband had never returned after migrating. In the end his mother allowed because Malin insisted to go wander.

Malin Kundang boarded a merchant ship. Over at Malin learn about cruise ships. Many islands have been passed by Malin, until finally boarded ship hijacked by pirates Malin. Malin hiding behind a wooden ship, all crew killed in the pirate attacks. Malin bobbing in the ocean and eventually he was stranded on an island. The island is very fertile because its members are persistent in the work. With modest effort, Malin were approaching it.

On this island Malin Kundang worked diligently, until finally he was rich and marry a woman who maketh wife. Malin has a merchant ship and a few men. Wealth Malin Kundang finally heard by the mother, Mande Rubayah. Mande very happy to hear the news that his son had succeeded. Since then Mande Rubayah always waiting at the dock to watch her ​​son home.

After a long married Malin finally decided to go sailing with his wife and his children. Sure enough, shortly Malin to the island of his birth. The mother saw from afar two men are standing on a boat and Mande Rubayah sure that the child and his wife.

Malin Kundang's mother had approached the ship in order to be sure that it was her son. At the time of approaching ships, Mande Rubayah increasingly convinced that he was Malin Kundang after seeing the scars on the boy's right arm. He approached and said, "Malin Kundang, my son, why did you go so long without giving the news about your mother?" While hugging her. But look at the old woman hugged her dressing shabby and dirty, Malin became angry, when Malin knowing that it was his mother. Malin angry embarrassment to his wife and children. Because treated as such, Mande Rubayah angry with Malin Kundang. He prayed if it is true he Malin Kundang curse him into stone.

Malin Kundang to sail back and in the middle of a big storm occurs destroys the ship, granted the mother's prayer, Malin Kundang body slowly stiff and turned to stone. Until now Malin Kundang stone can still be seen in Sweet Water beach, in the southern city of Padang, West Sumatra.

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